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How to Write Better Weekly Check-ins

Productivity, Career Growth | 5 min read

Writing great weekly check-ins is important for software engineers of all levels because itĀ helps communicate your impact and challenges, get better feedback, grow faster, and get promoted easier. So how can you both spend less time and write more effective check-ins?

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How to Evaluate the Performance of Software Engineers

Leadership | 8 min read

If you manage software engineers, evaluating how well they perform is essential. You’ll want to know if they are productive, write good code, focus on the right things, leave good PR comments, etc. So how do you do this with confidence, without wasting a lot of time and effort?

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11 Ways I Use Loom as an Engineering Leader

Productivity | 7 min read

Async video messaging is all the rage these days and Loom is one of the leaders in the space. But many of us struggle when trying to figure out what to “loom” about. I struggled too, but I’ve finally figured it out. Here’s what I learned.

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6 Years Later: Why am I still at HubSpot?

HubSpot | 5 min read

This week I celebrate 6 years since I joined HubSpot. It’s been a heck of a ride, no doubt! But why am I still at HubSpot? Is it still that great or have I just settled for something mediocre?

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