About George Banis

If you are curious about my personal background and what I’ve done, feel free to read on.

I am a software engineer, leader, and entrepreneur that has numerous years of hands on experience building software products, platforms, and scaling distributed teams.

Throughout my career I’ve developed a maniacal obsession on solving for the customer which has helped me focus on things that matter and prioritize what’s important.

In the past I’ve:

All of this while remaining to this day very technical and hands on code.

Lately I’ve been working on a new startup and it has been the most exciting and rewarding experience of my life (aside from raising a daughter of course).

I am also a serial hobbyist, a sideffect of my love about learning new things. Probably my favorite and longest lasting hobby has been painting but I’ve also enjoyed leather crafting, blogging (obviously), electronics, and writing music among other things.

I love hearing about other people’s expeerinces and learning from them. I’m also happy to share my own learnings and opinions.

I’m an open book – ask me anything.

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